Free Printable Budget Sheet

The first step a person must take in managing money is to understand what they are spending and at what time intervals. It is a good idea to have a free printable budget sheet you can set up yourself  to reflect your monthly income and payment schedules.

  1. To set up your printable budget make a category at the top left column of your free budget sheet called Net Monthly Income to reflect money earned. Chart both income amounts separately for a 2 income family. Leave a free space for miscellaneous for other income earned.
  2. Next break your chart into categories reflecting different types of monthly expenses starting with bills you have to pay on schedule. Examples of these categories include family, auto, insurance, personal investments, utility bills, etc.
  3. Toward the bottom of the budget sheet make categories that reflect expenses that a person must pay but can manage in various amounts. Examples of these monthly expenses include: Food, entertainment, clothes, supplies, allowances, etc.
  4. Include a category at the bottom of your printable budget called Miscellaneous Monthly Expenses. This category is for emergencies not in your family budget and will provide a cushion for additional savings.
  5. Put two columns side by side at the top left of your free budget sheet labeled "Monthly Budget Goal" and "Monthly Budget Actual". Goals are guidelines of what amount of money a person needs to spend in that category depending on your bill schedule. Actual reflect the true amount of money you spent.
  6. Lastly, make a category at the bottom left of your budget sheet called Monthly Income Goal or Income Available. This category reflects the amount of money you have left after subtracting all bills in your Monthly Actual column from the amount you started with in your Monthly Income Goal at the top.
  7.   Round your monthly income totals down and your budget amounts up.  Chart your budget guidelines a little higher than you initially estimate.  Fill in your monthly necessities first, then chart down to amounts for extra activities and emergencies at the bottom.

If you do not have software to track your printable budget or make your own free sheet that does all the calculations for you , we recommend using a personal budgeting software like Money Tree.

Here is a free budget sheet you can calculate yourself:

Free Printable Budget Sheet




Projected Cost  Actual Cost Diff           ENTERTAINMENT                 Projected Cost Actual Cost Diff
Mortgage  $1,000  $1000 $0   Movies     $0
Utilities  $50  $65 ($15)   Concerts     $0
Insurance  $54  $54 $0   Sporting events     $0
Maintenance  $35  $30 $5   Other leisure Activities     $0
Other  $0  $0 $0   Other     $0
Subtotals $1239 $1249 ($10)   Subtotals $0 $0 $0
FOOD                                    Projected Cost    Actual Cost    Diff            SAVINGS Projected Cost Actual Cost  Diff 
Groceries     $0   Retirement account      $0
Dining out     $0   Investment account     $0
Other     $0   Other     $0
Subtotals $0 $0 $0   Subtotals $0 $0 $0
Projected Cost  Actual Cost    Diff              DONATIONS          
Projected Cost Actual Cost Diff
Payment     $0   Charity 1     $0
Insurance     $0   Charity 2     $0
Gas     $0   Charity 3     $0
Maintenance     $0   Other     $0
Other     $0   Other     $0
Subtotals  $0 $0 $0   Subtotals  $0 $0 $0
PERSONAL CARE                       
Projected Cost         Actual Cost            Diff                LEGAL                        
Projected Cost  Actual Cost  Diff 
Medical      $0   Attorney      $0
Hair      $0   Alimony      $0
Nails      $0   Payments on liens       $0
Clothing      $0   Other       $0
Dry cleaning      $0   Subtotals  $0  $0  $0
Health club      $0          
Organization dues      $0   TOTAL  COST $1,239  $1,249  ($10)
Other      $0    
Other      $0   INCOME EARNED
Other      $0    (TOTAL COST)   ($ 1,249)  
Subtotals  $0  $0  $0   BALANCE LEFT

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